Frequently Asked Questions

Common Customer Service Questions

Are the prices in Canadian dollars?
Yes all prices are in CAD.

Where are the equipment shipped from?
Montreal, QC Canada

How long will it take to get my server or parts?
When in stock, servers and parts will ship out same day if the order is received before 1pm Eastern. The actual time for delivery depends on where you are located and which shipping method was chosen.

Can I request to have my server expedited?
Yes, there will be an additional fee for this service and it will be subject to the type of server you are purchasing. If you need to request an expedite, please contact us at 1-866-696-3912

Explain your warranty and how it works if I have a problem?
Details of our warranty can be found here. If you can see it or touch it we support it. We are here to ensure that every server sells is tested and leaves and arrives in excellent condition.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal. We also accept Wire transfer, Bitcoin and Interac Email Transfer with a special arrangement.

Do you offer large discounts for large orders?
Yes, we do have some bulk pricing available. Please contact an Account Executive at 1-866-696-3912 for a personalized quote.

What is your typical turnaround time to ship a server?
On average, it takes 24 hours from the date of purchase, depends on the quantity and type of servers in your order. Smaller orders may take less time.

What are my shipping options?

How can I track my shipment?
The day after your order has been shipped, we will email you an invoice that includes tracking information.

Common Technical Questions

Where do I find the drivers, updates, and downloads for my server or workstation?
All information on Dell's systems can be located on their support site, There you will find all the drivers, firmware updates, manuals, and general support for your Dell product. All drivers and support for non-Dell products can typically be found at that manufacturer's website.

My server arrived today and I am getting no video. What is the problem?
Occasionally during shipping, some internal server components can get rattled and become a little loose, preventing the server from booting properly. If you experience any problems, the first thing to try would be re-seating the CPU's, memory, and anything that could have become jarred loose. To re-seat the CPU's, first remove the heatsinks and clips, and then move the lever on the socket and pull the CPU straight up and then place it back in the socket and lock the socket lever back down. Then re-clamp the heatsinks down and try to fire it up again.

How do I set up my containers and install an OS?
You set up your hard drives from the PERC utility by pressing either ctrl-m or ctrl-a depending on manufacturer. Once in the utility use the menus to set up your drives however you wish, RAID 0 (striped), RAID 1 (mirrored), RAID 5, RAID 10 etc. Some controllers require a drive scrubbing process that can take hours while others are almost instant but require you to initialize the container, wiping the drives. Now you can run your OS CD and install any PERC drivers if necessary. Windows based OS's require you to press F6 right away and then load the driver when asked. Some won't require the driver, as with Windows Server 2003.

When loading Windows I get the error "There are no hard drives installed on this system"
Your installation of Windows does not include the drivers for your controller card (RAID, SAS, SCSI, SATA). Download the correct drivers for your system from Dell's support site at When booting up the installation CD you will see a prompt to press F6 to load your third-part drivers.

My Windows install keeps failing with a blue screen, what is causing this?
Check to ensure that 'demand based power' is disabled in BIOS. If this is disabled and you are still receiving this problem, try installing with one processor at a time. This will tell you which processor is giving you the error. If this still doesn't produce a successful install you most likely have a motherboard issue.

Why does my system show that I only have 256MB of memory installed?
Turn off 'OS Install mode' in your BIOS. When enabled this limits the amount of available memory to 256MB regardless of what is installed in your server.

Why won't my system POST, is it DOA?
Since all systems are tested and updated before leaving our facility, chances are the system components became loose during shipping. Open the system and reseat any removable components, CPU, RAM, VRM, add-on PCI cards, risers, etc... This should produce a successful boot.

Why does the RAID battery show a failure during POST?
Enter your RAID configuration utility in POST and reset the battery counter. Select 'objects' from your menu, then select 'battery', you will see an option to reset the battery counter.

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